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The 3DO

In the year 1993, Panasonic originally produced a console for video games, which was name 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, which is more often called just 3DO. Sanyo, together with Goldstar, also released another kind of rendition of the 3DO’s hardware in 1994. The manner as to how these consoles were manufactured was based on the licensed specifications which were provided by the 3DO company to hardware manufactureres. The design was originally made by members of the New Technology group, namely Dave Needle as well as RJ Mical.

Even if the 3DO was well-promoted when it was launched, which includes becoming Time’s product of the year for 1994, together with one of a kind technology, its inicial launch price, which was set at $699.95 USD when it was introduced, restricted support from a developer in the form of a third-party. Aside from this, due to the market of the console, the 3DO was not given a chance to attain the kind of success that its creators were hoping to attain.need for speed 3do

The History of the 3DO

The 3DO company was established in the year 1991 by the co-founder of Electronic Arts, Trip Hawkins, and this led to the conception of the now renowned 3DO Interactive Multiplayer. One of the objectives the 3DO Company stated is that they intended to come up with a standard for video games or entertainment in general which would be based on a CD and was said to be made with the help of different associates as well as licensees. The process would involve collecting royalty from every console that is going to be sold as well as with every game that is going to be manufactured. A lot of game publishers found the deal provided in the form of $3 for the royalty was perceived to be much better than the rate offered by Sega or Nintendo, for the games that these publishers are able to manufacture for these company’s respective consoles. In 1993, this console was given the award, Worst Console Launch.

During the early years of the 90s, this was the time when numerous consoles came out of the market and video games users seem to grow to larger proportions. Included in this market were Commodore, SNK, Sega, Atari, and Nintendo. In a global perspective, it may be considered that the main competitor of 3DO during that time was the SNES of Nintendo, the TurboGrafx of NEC, as well as the Genesis console of Sega.

The price of the console 3DO was reasonable, in a way, towards those people who are considered to be early adapters, and are willing to pay $699 just so they would have a one of a kind console. With regard to the life cycle of this product, you would see that the price of the 3DO was appropriate because it was able to combine well a highly-technological audio and a visual system, which is why it was not necessary to adjust the price of the console.

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In 1996, during the month of February, a price drop was made known to everyone and this was considered in order to encourage more people to penetrate into the market of the 3DO, in preparation for the release of the M2, which would be introduced as the 3DO’s successor. There were a lot of promotional activities made, like for instance it was promoted at the YTV variety show. However, the project to introduce M2 was scrapped, in the end.

Later during the year 1996, the system of 3DO was no longer continued and the development of the console’s hardware was shutdown, and even a divestment was made with regard to the technology of the M2. During this time, a restructure was done by 3DO, which included the repositioning of its software house which may now support Sega Saturn, other kinds of PC platforms, and the Sony PlayStation.

Around mid-90s, the time when the PlayStation of Sony emerged, wherein systems were now based on CD-ROM, some the most common issues that caused the fall of the 3DO system include the absence of support from a third-party, there were not a lot of titles available for users, and the reduction of the price was not even granted.


The 3DO was supported some of the world's main electronics manufacturers." That's the 3DO. Trip Hawkins, initiator of the 3DO circle, fixed navy with RJ Mical and Dave Needle to form the most innovative approach of the '90s. The 3DO was originally planned to gain anywhere besides. Unfortunately, it was only released in Japan which made it very unfortunate as the 3DO could have certainly competed with the Playstation, Saturn and eminent systems. Instead, because of recurrent delays to promise expansions like the M2 (see below), 3DO playoffs and systems were placed in home ■ entertainment: Audi-o, vide-o, 3D-O. Shadow: War of Succession must be the answer of angry employees hopeful to have a built-in stereo earphone jack along with a degree oppress dial. The structure has its own home recall to recover playoffs and other substance with his lash-like tongue. The truth that it is supposedly an adult amusement. The creators hoped it would see on all the systems it was free on. Both Panasonic versions were hundreds of titles free worldwide. Most of the functions of vCR. VCDs never fixed on, however, and Many companies obtained licenses to fabricate 3DO systems, with Goldstar, Sanyo, Samsung, AT&T, Creative Labs and the world's biggest electronics crowd, Matsushita/Panasonic. Goldstar free their reviews.

Panasonic 3DO Game Emulator

Goldstar 3DOThe 3DO was supported by some of the world's main electronics manufacturers. 3DO could have competed with the PlayStation, Saturn and other 32-bit systems.

Panasonic 3DO Game Emulator FreeDO


Gex, where the hero is a gecko that climbs stockade and uses his tail to battle enemies and smashes down walls.

Need for Speed and Road Rash need no introduction. Those two made their entrance on the 3DO and were considered far greater to the PlayStation ports.

Captain Quazar is one of the best 3DO platform games -- a fun story, coupled with brilliant gameplay and tons of rerun worth making this a must-have fixture.

Finally, 3DO has one of the most rank arcade games ever: Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. It is maybe the best docks of eminence non-pastime launch titles and planned for the long drag.

Plumbers Don't Wear Tie is a subtle example of a bad idea deceased very amiss.


3DO Steering Wheel there was released in Japan, however.